Easy KJV Study of the Book of Proverbs

Author: Kim Burner

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The Bible study is designed for Sunday school classes, individuals and groups. It can help with verse memorization. End-of-verse questions and challenges are intended to help you understand God’s message. The study begins with easy fill in the blanks for verses. Look up each verse, fill in the missing word and study the passages. The end of each chapter has lesson Questions and Challenges that are designed for those that seek the “meat” of the Word. Proverbs chapter 10 is unique with a different style to motivate you to seek the difference between good and bad as God defines it. My prayer is that you would use this study to further your Christian walk. 

The King James Version of the Bible is used in this study.  No other versions are included.

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Table of Contents

A. Fill in blank for each verse

  • Proverbs Chapters 1-31

B. Questions from verses

C. Challenge

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Published: April 2011
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